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CYGA Academy


At CYGA Academy, we encourage our students to take active roles in their own education. Our international teaching and learning methods are based on mutual respect and a set of values that our students and teachers follow, with a growth mindset always at the forefront. Our goal is to help students not only succeed academically, but also to develop into well-rounded individuals who can succeed anywhere in the world.

We place a high value on critical thinking ability. Therefore, we take an innovative approach to education and cultivation. We offer collaborative projects, problem-solving activities. We invite world-class experts and specialists guests to cultivate a sense of respect to knowledge and excellence. To prepare students to become global leaders, we also provide international field trips.

Our international curriculum includes languages and literature, history, geography, civic society, sciences and technology, mathematics, arts, music, PE, electives courses, AP courses. We make our best to help students explore all of our possibilities so that they can discover their passion and reach their highest potential.



CYGA Academy

Secondary School is a critical transition period for students, with developmental opportunities and risks that will affect them for the rest of their lives. During these years, students are encouraged to take further academic risks and explore their passion in a deeper level.

CYGA Academy prepares our students to thrive in colleges and universities all over the world. As an inclusive school, we also welcome students from all over the world. It is our diversity and inclusion that distinguishes us and allows us to shine. Our students have a huge supporting system made up of dedicated teachers, heads of department, administrators and other staff. We do everything we can to assist students in reaching their full potential in terms of learning, leadership, and emotional and social well-being.

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