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CYGA Academy


CYGA ACADEMY provides a unique, safe, positive, and healthy environment where each student can grow and glow. Our preschool program begins at 2 years old and is play-based with an emphasis on language acquisition through oral language (listening, speaking, writing), the visual language (viewing and presenting), and through written language (reading and writing). We focus on the development of fine and gross motor skills through targeted activities that are thematic and connected to the students’ developmental milestones by working on real-life tasks.

We use sensory materials to help them develop their “math mind,” which allows them to integrate clear and aware information from their environment. To help children develop logical thinking skills, we integrate coding and robotics into the curriculum. Patterns, sequencing, and spatial awareness will be taught to your child through a variety of hands-on activities.

By incorporating coding and robotics into the curriculum, we provide your child with a better understanding of the devices with which they interact, as well as a strong mathematical foundation that will prepare them to think like computer programmers one day in the future.

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CYGA Academy

CYGA ACADEMY is a one-of-a-kind international inclusive school that incorporates social and emotional learning into the curriculum from an early age. We believe that learning in a safe environment with SEL encourages each child to be a happy student. The foundation of our bilingual program is the ability to recognize and communicate emotions. We teach them the language and self-regulation skills they need to manage strong emotions and express themselves effectively through stories, pictures, and puppets.

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