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CYGA Academy


 We use a unique bilingual learning approach at CYGA ACADEMY. We value each child’s unique learning profile and work hard to help them achieve their full potential in terms of skills and knowledge. This enables each child to exceed their own expectations and gain access to a high-quality, inclusive education. Our extensive experience and innovative pedagogical methods enable students to achieve not only a high level of proficiency in the English, French, Spanish and Chinese languages, but also to be happy, curious, and creative children.

In a small group setting, our highly qualified teachers provide individual attention to each student. CYGA ACADEMY incorporates the best of American – French and Chinese social studies – character education, linguistic, mathematical, history, geography, scientific programs, art, music, and physical education curriculum.


Through our rigorous and creative curriculum and training, our students will perform much better than other students in national testing exams. (based on our previous experience).

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CYGA Academy

Well-being covers a range of psychological and physical abilities. They usually include:

  • Emotional well-being

  • Physical well-being

  • Social well-being

  • Societal well-being

At CYGA ACADEMY, we help students feel they are each known and valued as an individual in her or his own right, and that school life has a meaning and purpose for them.

We promote a positive and inclusive approach to children’s development to help them grow and shine. We create a welcoming environment where everyone feels supported and safe through meaningful activities. Our teachers design and develop curricular projects that support students’ learning in bilingual grade-level teams at language department.

We promote hands-on activities in an interdisciplinary program to engage our students in an active learning process. Our students will learn to write like authors, investigate like scientists, experience like an expert, analyze like historians, create as an artist, participate as an athlete and comprehend the world as informed citizens.

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