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CYGA Academy

“Our learning process includes learning a language, learning about language, and learning through language. All mainstream classes are taught in and through the English and French languages.”

Cece Yang, Founder


CYGA academy is a unique co-ed private international school serving students from 12 months to 12th grade.

We create the best customized and project-based learning experience through community collaborating, cognitive leveraging, and flexible scheduling. We believe that the goal of education is to focus on the individual needs of each student by learning contextualized from rich and diverse experiences to develop their talents and reach their greatest potential.

Students will be connected to a world full of possibilities, supervised by our highly qualified teachers who are well-trained in the curriculum and in Social Emotional Learning, which allows students to develop self-control and social skills. Students benefit from personalized learning within a small group in our innovative and caring environment, where each of them feels seen and valued.

Customize Your Growth Adventure is the mission of our school.


CYGA ACADEMY FOUNDATION Customizes Your Growing Adventure empowers the future world citizens to develop their knowledge and academic, cultural, and social skills so that they become major leaders in the world. Our foundation’s primary vocation is to promote the program that emphasizes everyone’s success through an inclusive, high-quality, interdisciplinary and international curriculum. The foundation’s main goal is to directly support CYGA ACADEMY’s educational projects in STEM, arts, literature, and socio-emotional intelligence. As a result, we encourage cultural and linguistic diversity on a moral basis marked by work, respect for others, rigor, effort, and environmental sensitivity.

Fundraising supports the mission and vision of the community of CYGA ACADEMY: our featured program include Youth Entrepreneurship, which instill the risk-taking spirit in every kid on campus. Rooted in the diverse community of Sugar Land area, we also collaborate with the community nearby to develop various programs for our kids: hospitals, gardens, ranches, movie theaters, Elite Golf clubs, etc. We also offer international field trips to broaden students’ cultural experience.

The philosophy of CYGA Academy Foundation can be summed up in three words: inclusive – exceptional – international. It is in this spirit of exploration and realization of projects that we support the young leaders of tomorrow.


Our learning process includes learning a language, learning about language, and learning through language. All mainstream classes are taught in and through the English and French languages. All our language instructors are native speakers. We also invite speakers worldwide to present to them. And we provide international field trips to broaden their cultural experience.

Academic Benefits

  • Better communicator, speaker, and critical thinker

  • Improved literacy

  • Longer attention span

  • More innovative concepts used

  • More complex sentences used

  • Elevated problem-solving skillset

  • Enhanced decision making skillset

Cognitive Benefits

  • Increase IQ and brain capacity

  • Improve cognitive function

  • Think faster

  • Protected from the effects of aging

  • Encode the fundamental frequency of sounds with better visual-spatial skills

Social Benefits

  • Stronger personality and leadership

  • Improved emotional and social skills

  • More curiosity to learn

  • Better self-control

  • Better intra and inter intelligence

  • Expanded career opportunities

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