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CYGA Academy Debut

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

CYGA Academy Foundation Event on Sep 15 & 29

CYGA Academy Foundation has made its debut!

On Sep.15 and Sep.29, The CYGA Academy Foundation made a special presentation to its community friends in Holiday Inn Missouri City. Foundation secretary Karine Pousset kicked off the presentation by telling a personal story about herself and her twin sister. They have different talents despite sharing blood. Karine is more academic than her sister, who is more athletic. Her sister was always encouraged to learn from her. Karine was heartbroken to see her sister being chastised for not working hard enough. She was aware of her efforts. It’s just that she possessed a unique talent. From that point, she realized that people have different talents and potential. It’s just that these potential need to be discovered and maximized.

Then comes CYGA: Customize Your Grow Adventure. We customize each learner’s learning journey based on their characters and needs. President Cece Yang, secretary Karine Pousset and chief financial officer Willy Verbrugg also shared with all the educational philosophy and learning approach of the foundation: innovative, inclusive and international.

Innovative: We group students based on their intellectual age rather than their biological age. Inclusive: We empower students of all races, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, and so on. That is also why the Foundation was founded: to assist children who do not have access to many educational resources. International: We offer multilingual curriculum as well as international projects. Through CYGA World Program, students will fly to different cities of the world to conduct projects.

Various politicians, diplomats, teachers, and business professionals were invited to this event to participate in the CYGA educational journey They were also got connected through the event.

CYGA ACADEMY FOUNDATION Customizes Your Growing Adventure empowers the future world citizens to develop their knowledge and academic, cultural, and social skills so that they become major leaders in the world. We find each learner’s talents and inspire them to reach their fullest potential.

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